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Contribute to food security and learn about different agricultural products. Our course offering will empower you to boost your career in agriculture.


What is Agriculture?

Agriculture speaks to everything surrounding food production, from taking care of soils to harvesting and selling agri-products. Healthy food gives us good nutrition and makes for a healthy community.

The benefits of learning about Agriculture

Learning about agriculture empowers people to ensure food security and overcome agriculture challenges. They acquire skills in processes like rainwater harvesting and seeding systems. Advance your career and knowledge in the agriculture space!

Become an Agripreneur

Get a unique glimpse into
what it takes to be an
Agripreneur and get info on job-relevant skills.

Powering Agriculture
MOOC – Sustainable
Energy for Food

Sustainability throughout all stages of agriculture.

Agriculture as a Business

Explore management tools and learn about farms as economic units and sources of enterprise.

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