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Knowledge about digital transformation will empower you to use technology to your advantage at work, in your career and personal life.

Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration and learning of new technologies across any business. Examples
of new digital technologies cover everything from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to social media and day-to-day computer skills.

The benefits of learning about digital transformation

Technology drives many things in the world of work. The better one’s digital skills, the better the chance
of discovering new opportunities. People who are knowledgeable in using technology find it easier to get a job, build a career, or create their own employment prospects.

Digital Safety and Security

Unpack the importance of protecting your data and keeping your online information private.

Launchpad to Fundamental Questions of Artificial Intelligence

This 4-part course looks at the opportunities and risks of AI.

Digital Enquirer Kit

Learn how to become a Digital Enquirer: someone who knows how to identify misinformation.

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