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Entrepreneurs come up with out-of-the-box solutions and new ideas to shape the world. Become part of the innovators’ community and transform your knowledge into impact.


What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs are trailblazers and changemakers. They bravely rethink, relook, and reframe the world with the aim of creating new possibilities. As an entrepreneur, you can learn how to start, run and grow your business through our courses in business planning, e-Commerce and financial planning.

The benefits of learning about entrepreneurship?

Studying entrepreneurship can boost your career by helping you recognise hidden opportunities, solve problems and learning the functions of traditional business like management, marketing and finance. Entrepreneurship studies could be your gateway to success in achieving your dreams. With it comes the knowledge of commercialisation, managing resources, and being self-employed. In this digital era, one must understand the power of entrepreneurship which provides invaluable knowledge and resources.

Business Plan

Explore Business Plan development for young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Financial Planning

Unpack the aim and
benefits of financial planning for companies and organisations.

E-Commerce and

Learn e-Commerce concepts, functionalities and how you can start an e-Business 

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