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Good governance is key for sustainable development. Our courses about policy and advocacy teach you how you as an individual can contribute to to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Governance & Decentralization

What is Governance & Decentralization?

The principles of governance and decentralization state that society should have a system of co-responsibility. It reorganises points of authority to balance the power distribution between government institutions. It also authorises citizens to be enabled and mobilised in their communities.

The benefits of learning about Governance & Decentralization

Governance and decentralisation explore topics like lobbying and advocacy, sustainable development responsibilities and population dynamics.
A community that understands the codes of governance and decentralisation knows how to ensure that protocols are upheld and how politics can be used for the greater good.

The SDG’s Good Governance Principles

Basic understanding of governance in the context of sustainable development.

Sustainable Development through Tourism

Explore a range of topics surrounding sustainable tourism and achieving SDGs.

Innovation in the
Public Sector

Explore the need for public sector innovation and how it could create opportunities.

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